Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tickle Me Ryder

Bad Lighting, Great Laughing.
Seriously you have to have one cold black heart to not love this.

The Things Little Girls Do

Well on Monday night Lola woke up to pee and then woke up 10 minutes later because she wanted to sleep in my bed. I told her no and she started crying. She was crying pretty loud because it actually woke Jon up. Jon went to visit her and fix things. He comes back in a few minutes later with Lola in his arms. He rolled over and I was left with Lola the daughter of the original sleep ninja. Well needless to say I didn't sleep really well and was having all sorts of bad feelings toward my sleeping hubby so to make up for it all Jon took the kids that evening while I took a divine hour long bath. Here is a bit of the evening events according to Jon.

Lola and I (daddy) spent some quality time together today. First, we were reading together on the sofa. She was wearing a plastic kitty ring, which she thought was pretty cool. She proceeded to hit me in the nose with it. Of course, nose shots bring instant rage to my normally calm and collected self. So I took her ring off and threw it across the room. She went and got the ring, and came back and very sternly told me, “No, no, no daddy. Me kitty.” Apparently she didn’t think I quite got the message. [Insert by Dolly he was laughing at her when she told him "no, no"] So she came closer, grabbed me be the shirt with both hands, and looking me straight in the eyes, very sternly said, “no, no daddy.” I got the message that time and apologized.

Later, Lola was taking a bath. She loves baths. After a good long hot bath, I told her she needed to get out so, and I unplugged the drain. She immediately plugged it back up and said, no daddy, axin (translation = I’m relaxing).

Another funny Lola story from that day. I took her to the bathroom and she had peed a little bit in her panties and I had removed her pants and panties. I was still in the bathroom and she went running out of the bathroom bottom half naked and promptly fell. I didn't see it I only heard a large thump. She came in crying and I offered to kiss her hand which was hurt. I kissed it and as all parents and children know her hand felt better. I asked her if anything else was hurt and needed kisses, she then requested, "kiss my bum." (Just for the record I didn't kiss her bum.)