Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Target's Half Off Event

Yesterday I went to Target with the kids. I had Ryder strapped in the front child seat and Lola was hanging out in the actual cart. I went past the kid's clothing sections and got suckered in to all the sales going on. Since all the summer clothes were fabulously reduced I thought I would get Lola some clothes for next year. I had picked out a couple of shirts and placed them in the cart and went back to the racks looking for clothes. When I turned around I found Lola completely bottom half naked--she took off her shoes, her skirt, and her panties in order to try on her new shirts. That's right bottom-half naked to try on shirts. The logic defies me. I'm not going to lie I was a bit horrified and Lola was super mad (translation she had a crying fit) that I would have the audacity to put her clothes back on.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Less is More

Lola has turned into a fine connoisseur of beverages. She loves it all milk (especially milk), strawberry lemonade, v8, and on and on. Since I've been feeling a bit nauseous of late I've been chugging Canada Dry Ginger Ale. Which of course she also loves now. At dinner I had poured myself some and Lola went and got her self a little juice glass and requested some "juice." I am not a big fan of loading my kids up on sugar so I just poured a bit into her glass. She looked down at the amount I poured for her and said "you have to be kidding me!"

Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm 3 months pregnant again...

Well I went to the doctor's and I was supposed to be 15 weeks along (2 weeks ago) but I was measuring a bit small so they had me get an ultra sound. They pushed my due date back 5 weeks and now as of this week I am in fact 3 months pregnant for the 2nd time this pregnancy. My new due date is March 4th. I would have included a picture but it is a picture only a Mother loves meaning its rather blob like to the untrained eye.

Lola's Best Excuse Ever For Not Wearing Panties

We were getting ready for church and Lola was not interested in wearing panties she wanted to go all natural. Being the good parents that we are we insisted she wear them. Lola's Daddy told her to come to him and he would put them on. Lola excuse was "Daddy me bum-bum needs to stay here."

P.S. She did in fact wear panties to church

Bear Lake Adventures

We took our annual Benson Bear Lake trip last week and as Lola told her Granddad it was "good time."

Highlights included a game of miniature golf where Lola (my potty trained daughter) decided to squat and pee not only her pants, but also left a mark on the putting green.

Me forgetting all of our toothbrushes and (because I'm cheap) only buying one for the 4 of us to share.

Jon my poor white husband getting sunburned on the first day and having to pop Advil the rest of the trip.