Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

What makes Christmas fun?


My personal favorite Christmas memories of 2010

Ryder on Christmas morning amidst the presents and dazzle made a beeline straight for his bottle of milk. He wasn't interested in a thing till he had his fair share of milk. He was so happy with a new ball and a new car--He loved the simple things and didn't care for the excess. (So I might have gone a bit overboard this year with the kids and I've already boxed up half of his gifts). A good lesson learned for this Mama.

Pulling out the Christmas tree without Jon nearly giving myself a hernia in my pregnant state and then being thanked profusely by Lola for giving her "Christmas." And then upon Lola's insistence we never turned the lights off our tree.

Going shopping with Jon late at night while his parents babysat our sleeping babes. Searching all over and eating In and Out at 11:30 at night and making the car reek like onions for days afterwards.

What ever makes your Christmas Merry and Bright I hope you had in abundance.

Santa Clause-it vs Jesus

A family friend knowing we have small children showed up as a surprise Christmas Eve dressed like Santa. I think the surprise was on him.


Because Santa freaked out the kiddos. This year Jesus wins.

Looks like Santa is getting an extra nice thank you letter this year.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Macaroni Comas

So Lola spontaneously fell asleep during lunch. She was eating mac 'n cheese (or as I like to call it yellow death), which does happen to be her very favorite.

I would normally take this opportunity and blame it on the nasty mac 'n cheese that she was eating, but Ryder seems to have the same problem. Going, going...

and he is gone.

Seriously does anyone else have kids that fall asleep mid-meal? On different days?

Monday, December 13, 2010

9:00 Church

Alright 9 am church is brutal. We live ridiculously close to the church (like under 5 minutes close) and yet we can't seem to get early. I blame it on the morning (because that seems better to blame it on then my lack of being prepared). But seriously look at my kids.

You might think that isn't so bad (and your right) and I would now like to introduce you to the Lola monster. This is her in our bed waking up for the 2nd time.

Bless the new year and bless the new 11 time slot for church!

Lola, Lola, Lola

I was peeling a mandarin orange to share with Lola and when I offered her a piece she said "I can't want to eat it Mommy, I'm just a kid."

Lola and Ryder love dancing to Christmas music. It is darling and has the ability to melt any cold black heart (said the totally biased Mommy). After a ridiculous long nap Lola was sporting a t-shirt and a rather soggy diaper and while wearing such elegant attire the kids began Christmas dancing. Lola stood up on the ottoman and started shaking her soggy bottom and said "I'm shaking my bum-bum." Later we were telling her grandparents about the incident (while listening to Christmas music) I asked her to show them her dance. Lola replied "my bum-bum isn't working."

This is the G-rated Christmas dancing video, which means no bums were videotaped shaking during this performance.