Monday, December 13, 2010

Lola, Lola, Lola

I was peeling a mandarin orange to share with Lola and when I offered her a piece she said "I can't want to eat it Mommy, I'm just a kid."

Lola and Ryder love dancing to Christmas music. It is darling and has the ability to melt any cold black heart (said the totally biased Mommy). After a ridiculous long nap Lola was sporting a t-shirt and a rather soggy diaper and while wearing such elegant attire the kids began Christmas dancing. Lola stood up on the ottoman and started shaking her soggy bottom and said "I'm shaking my bum-bum." Later we were telling her grandparents about the incident (while listening to Christmas music) I asked her to show them her dance. Lola replied "my bum-bum isn't working."

This is the G-rated Christmas dancing video, which means no bums were videotaped shaking during this performance.

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