Monday, February 11, 2013

Out of the Mouth of Babes

I had put the kids to bed and they were not sleeping. Lola came out
arms crossed with an angry face and said, “Ryder is acting like

Ryder had to go to the bathroom and since we are still struggling with
#2 I was with him. Lola was in the doorway just talking up a storm and
being a distraction. I told Lola Ryder needed some privacy and I shut
the door. After I shut the door Ryder said, “Finally some peace and

Me: Lola your fingernails look cool
Lola: Don't say cool to me
Me: Whats wrong with cool?
Lola: I only like fancy words
It's official my 5 year old is too cool for cool.


I used to blog and then I got busy and it sort of fell to the wayside. My journaling fell to the wayside too. So I am back hoping to Chronicle these sweet and mostly hilarious moments with my kids because I want to remember and frankly if it's not inked I don't remember.

By the way I had a baby she is almost 2 months old. Welcome to the blog Miley Rose Benson!