Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Miley Rose Photo Dump

It's official I have another thumb sucker. Good thing she's cute

Miley you are the sweetest baby.

Self Esteem and Poop

Yesterday I was getting Lola ready for preschool after I was finished
with her hair I asked her to look in the mirror and tell me what she
thought. “Ohhhh! I look like an angel!” I just smiled and thought
about the time she told me, "Mom, I'm just a girl, just a beautiful
girl." Lots of healthy self esteem coming out of this girl.

This morning I was feeding Miley in my room while the kids were eating
breakfast. When I was done I found Ryder standing in the middle of the
contents that were formerly in his cereal bowl. Or in his words he
splashing in a "mud puddle." Apparently I had wronged him in some
way because he also pooped his pants, juicy poop. Awesome. After
cleaning up the milk and cereal and Ryder's bum, I got the great honor
of rinsing out his underwear in the toilet. Totally Awesome. I decided
to flush to help get some of the poo off his undies and that is when I
accidentally flushed his undies down the toilet. Most Awesome.

I am happy to report it all worked out in the end. My toilet didn’t
clog. The poopy undies magically disappeared. And Ryder got to play
outside for a long, long time. :)

O Zion

Our little family went on a spur of the moment trip to Zion National
Park last weekend. Lola said her favorite part was “Everything except
the hiking.”

Ryder on the other hand loves to hike. He literally runs the whole
time. We kept telling him to keep in our eyesight so he would run
ahead and with a big smile sit down and wait while we catch up to him.
One of these times as he was waiting for us Blake took off running
towards Ryder. I thought Blakey was just feeling competitive and
wanted to catch up. As Blake got closer his real intentions became
obvious he was actually attempting a flying kick to Ryder while he was
down. Fortunately for Ryder he stood up in time and Blake got nothing
but air. Jon and I both laughed and Blake just smiled feeling zero
percent guilty of his attempt at violence (enforced by the
inappropriate parental laugh I'm sure).