Sunday, March 20, 2011

Life in the FAST Lane

Here is a snip it of life with 3, 3 and under. 

My last blog post (pre-baby) I wrote about my 2 rules of motherhood: listen and be quick. That was once again reaffirmed this week. Jon and I were upstairs in the kitchen with Blake and Lola and Ryder were downstairs playing (more like destroying the basement). Lola came upstairs and said "Ryder is lost." Well that definitely got my Mommy senses tingling. I told Lola I was going to go find him, to which she replied, "He's just fine." Anyway after I hurried downstairs I found Ryder locked in our bedroom (nice try Lola).

Our home teachers came over last week and as they were visiting a look of horror crossed the face of our home teacher. I look to see what he was looking at and there was Ryder standing on the dining table swinging the chandelier.

Blake is exceptionally tolerate of his hooligan siblings and they really love him too. Lola is very protective of him. Jon was holding Blake the other day and Blake was crying. Lola told Jon "The baby doesn't like you, he wants his Mommy." Another sign that he is a good baby is that he has only peed on me once


To All 3 People Who Read My Blog

Alright I actually have a great reason for not posting. The GREATEST reason.

That's right Mr Sweet Cheeks is here. Blake Thomas Benson or as Lola calls him Blank Thomas was born February 25th. Seriously I am so in love.

And for those interested in the nitty gritty details of the birth story...
Lola I did a natural birth. It was 2 days of labor and 3 1/2 hours of pushing. Crazy right? No crazy is doing natural birth again (that's right on purpose) for Ryder. Almost 2 days of labor and 3 pushes (much better than Lola). Blake induction and an epidural. I HEART EPIDURALS.  7 hours 3 pushes. Chances of me doing a natural birth again... zero. Seriously after doing both I feel like a fool for doing natural twice.