Monday, January 19, 2015

White Dress

Miley insists on wearing a dress everyday. She has started to raid my shoes to. Not just any pair of shoes, but my heels. And hats, she's really big into hats.

These are actually my wedding shoes, which spurred an impromptu photo session with my girls and my wedding dress.

Lola thought I was so weird and she was counting the seconds till she could be done. Miley on the other hand was stripping naked in anticipation of wearing such a puffy dress.

She loved every minute (except a brief moment of claustrophobia when I put it on her.)

I sure love my girls.

Rub a Dub Dub

I got my big girl camera to take some pictures of Miley and Blake in the tub. I got some amazingly awkward shots. (Closing your eyes during pictures is a gift I passed on to my kids.)

But I got some keepers too.

The Pie

Friday night is pizza night. Big, greasy, delicious pizza.

(No pictures of Miley, she wasn't cooperating.)

Blake's Top Three


Blake brought home the greatest coloring sheet from primary. In big letters it says Heavenly Father's Plan for Us. It has a large circle for them to color. Blake filled his with grey intense scribbles and one little brown squiggly. His teacher wrote his explanation on the bottom of the paper. And I quote, "This is a picture of me and a horse, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch! These are my favorite things on
earth." (I was teasing him and said that I thought I was his favoritething on Earth. He assured me I was there with him and his horse.)

I sure love that kid.


Ryder and Lola were discussing Martin Luther King in school.  They
were sharing with Jon all the things they had learned about him. Jon
started to explain the challenges and discrimination that black people
faced then. One of the things he talked about how some restaurants
would only allow white people to eat there. This was kind of shocking
for the kids and Lola said, "What if Cafe Rio was like that. You would
be the only one in our family that could eat there, because you're the
great white man!" (A nickname he earned after a photo of our family
was taken in the pool.)

Later on at dinner we were eating tacos with generous dollops of sour
cream. Lola started smearing sour cream on her face and said, "I look
like a white person!" (In case you are wondering she considers herself
to be beige based on her experience with crayons.)