Monday, January 19, 2015


Ryder and Lola were discussing Martin Luther King in school.  They
were sharing with Jon all the things they had learned about him. Jon
started to explain the challenges and discrimination that black people
faced then. One of the things he talked about how some restaurants
would only allow white people to eat there. This was kind of shocking
for the kids and Lola said, "What if Cafe Rio was like that. You would
be the only one in our family that could eat there, because you're the
great white man!" (A nickname he earned after a photo of our family
was taken in the pool.)

Later on at dinner we were eating tacos with generous dollops of sour
cream. Lola started smearing sour cream on her face and said, "I look
like a white person!" (In case you are wondering she considers herself
to be beige based on her experience with crayons.)

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