Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How Jon Won the Husband of the Year Award

Yesterday was my birthday. Usually on my birthday I plan it, completely and totally, and then I let Jon execute my plans. This year I finally realized that I am super lame for planning my birthday so I asked Jon to surprise me.

He planned 5 surprises. First he came home at lunch time with my favorite flowers and second he then took me and the kids to Cafe Rio. That evening we were going on a big hot date (I even wore heels) and I was looking forward to the the next 3 surprises. We drove out to Herriman, which is where our house we are buying is at. We were going to a Sushi restaurant,  but we got their super early for our reservation and we decided to go drive past our house.

We show up at the house and we were just talking about how excited we were to finally close on our first house. All of a sudden Jon pulled out the keys to the house and opened the garage door. He had closed on the house early (early as in LAST WEEK) and was just waiting to surprise me. I am not on the loan just the title so I didn't need to be there. I was so floored in the most happy and wonderful way. I CAN'T BELIEVE HE COULD KEEP THAT SECRET THAT LONG! We then went into our new house and he made me dinner and a cake and the last surprise was a lap top (like the house wasn't enough, but my laptop is currently in the process of slowly and painfully dying) so that was also a much appreciated gift.

Just want to say, I love that man. I really feel like the luckiest girl in the world to share my life with him. And might I add that I am no longer planning my own birthday because my plans are so much more lame than Jon's!

So here is a few pictures of my new house! The bad lighting is due to the fact this was taken with a camera phone.

Here's some out side shots.

 Here's Jon signing everything without me

A few interior pictures I took while Jon cooked for me!

By the way I am moving...TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!