Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oops I did it again...

I recently found out that I am 3 months pregnant. I thought I was just getting pouchy and had recently started an amazing ab crunch program, it seems that crunches will not be solving this problem! Anyway this baby is coming at the end of January/beginning of January. It turns out if I don't know I'm pregnant I don't get sick, but here are the top 2 reasons I should have realized I was pregnant.
1. I finished off a jar of pickles and then drank the juice. My mouth just watered thinking about it.
2. Jon, the sleep ninja, has returned. For some reason Jon attacks in his sleep only when I am pregnant. His offense consisted of two days in a row ripping the blanket off my body in the dead of the night.
For those of you interested in the math that would make Ryder and baby #3 will be 17 months apart.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Food Genius

I am happy to report that Ryder is a genius, a food genius. He has figured out how to conquer being hungry and tired.

Was his happiness worth the mess? Absolutely.Jon tried to pull the pit out of his mouth, but Ryder had such a tight suction on it Jon couldn't get it out. We decided to roll with it.

Sacrament Meeting, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

We scrambled to get ready for 9:00 church today and we made it (not on time, but not disgracefully late). The good was the meeting itself as well as my sweet kids. And yes Ryder is wearing a green pineapple Hawaiian shirt to church.

The bad and the ugly happened to be me. My dear sweet hubby took a picture of my shirt to show me that is was in fact inside out...oops. At the very least it was clean.

I am a Child of God

Lola loves to sing and being my daughter its not always on key or the right tune (actually she does much better than me). This is me attempting to catch her singing "I am a Child of God" we didn't make it through the entire song for reasons clearly stated in the video.