Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Ryder

Ryder is now the big 1 and Lola especially enjoys him as he gets bigger and is able to play with her more and more. I love that they are friends and partners and crimes. Lola loved all his toys he got for his birthday and he was happy to let her play with them because he had a balloon. Ryder is my sweet and happy boy and is the best addition to our family.

St. George Trip 2010

How young is too young to take your kid hiking in Zion National Park?

Apparently Lola's age is the answer. Note the missing shoe. Jon was able to retrieve the other from the mud. That was just one mishap of many. Here was another caught on video.

Good thing we were able to squish both kids in the hiking backpack and that Jon had the muscles to carry them. We had a great time despite all incidents. Till next year St George!

Hand Eye Coordination

Good news is that Ryder's hand eye coordination is ever increasing. Bad news its really hard to take a picture of him without his finger in his nose.

Friday, September 3, 2010

I have grandma thighs

We were recently standing in line at Cafe Rio (yum, yum!) and Lola would venture a bit away from us and then run and hug my leg. On one such excursion, Lola returned to what she thought was my leg but was actually a very nice grandmotherly type. She hung on for quite awhile before realizing it wasn't me. It was all very funny to me until I realized I have thighs like a grandma.