Friday, May 28, 2010


Generally I don’t let Lola pick out her outfits. It is not because she picks out bad outfits; it is that she picks out ridiculous outfits. The last time I let her choose her own clothes it was a snowy day. Naturally she chooses her swimsuit. Yesterday, a fine spring day, I told her she could go ahead and pick her outfit. She choose her Halloween giraffe costume. It was not only warm for the weather but it is also ridiculously padded in the bum, hips, and tummy. She admired herself in the mirror and wore it until she had an accident (and even then she cried when I took it off). I think I’ll keep picking out her outfits for awhile.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Favorite Lola Quotes of the Week

We were upstairs having breakfast; Lola finished early and was watching the Disney channel while I fed Ryder. When we were done I turned off the TV and told her we were going to go play downstairs. She insisted on bringing a blanket with her despite the fact we have oodles of blankets downstairs and I told her no. She ignored me and walked past me with the blanket in tow so I stepped on it causing it to fall out of her hand. She looked at me and said, “sucker.”

This week I had made pizza. Lola upon sampling the fine fare told me, “Best ever pizza Mommy!”

Monday, May 17, 2010

Neurotic To The Bone No Doubt About It

Grammy was in her bedroom changing and Lola popped her head out of her bathroom and said “Hi Grammy!” Her Grammy was rather surprised to find her there and asked what she was doing. She simply replied “busy.” Part of the "busy" was organizing her Grammy's floss.

Sharing is Caring

On Sunday after our family nap Lola had brought in a toy that Ryder desperately wanted to play with. I asked Lola if she would share the toy with her brother. She told me “I share with me. I share with Lola.” And the proceeded to share…with herself. I’m pretty sure that by all definitions that is not sharing.

Mother's Day

All holidays and special occasions at the Benson household are celebrated with food. Mother's day is no exception, in fact its exceptional because I don't do any of the cooking...all day long. Thanks sweet hubby of mine for the great day.

Lady and The Tramp

Lola was lugging around a green plastic laundry basket filled with various junk she had collected from around the house. I asked her if she was a bag lady. She replied “No I a Tramp.”

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Old MacDonald had a Fiesta

Cinco de Mayo is a great holiday, not because I understand any of the history or significance behind it, but it has become a perfect excuse for my personal overindulge in really great Mexican cuisine. Taco, beans, Oh my! The festivities began at lunch. I went with the kids to go visit Jon and we had $1 dollar tacos at this authentic (oh so delicious) little taco stand. That night for dinner I made homemade black beans, enchiladas, and virgin margaritas. I know I made it so I’m not supposed to say this, but it was seriously delicious. Ryder got his first taste of black beans, which he enjoyed.

While getting the table set Jon found a radio station online that was playing Mexican-esque (at the very least the words were Spanish) music. One of the songs that was playing kept having yells Ayayyayya! Jon and I were also doing our best yell, Lola joined in and she yelled out E-I-E-I-O. Hahaha she gets effort points at the very least.

My New Jeep

Jon and I also got our first Jeep. I am pretty excited about our new sweet ride. Alright the Jeep happens to be a Jeep Stroller, but I’m still happy about it. We were stuffing both kids into our gigantic one kid stroller, which worked at first, but Lola (if she’s in back) tries dumping Ryder out the whole time and Ryder (when in back) pulls Lola’s hair. They do look pretty cute all stuffed in a one kid stroller.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Earning My Mommy Badge

Recently I went to a Mother’s group at a nearby park. I started talking with a mom who was asking me how I potty trained Lola. I proceeded to impart with her my vast wisdom and knowledge on the matter. About 10 minutes later Lola wet her pants and by wet I mean she flat out urinated in her pants and continued playing without regard to the mess. We went home.

Much to my dismay the accidents have continued. Yesterday I put Lola down for a nap and soon after I hear a desperate, “Mommy!” I go in and check on her and she said “poo-poo.” I went to pick her up and I put my hand on her very wet bum. I took her to the bathroom and stripped off her wet pants and panties and sat her on the potty. I sat down on a stool in front of her and my bare foot squished into a bar of soap. I looked at the bottom of my foot and much to my dismay the soap ended up being a Lola turd. Lola just looked at me and said, “Sorry poo-poo.”