Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Self Esteem and Poop

Yesterday I was getting Lola ready for preschool after I was finished
with her hair I asked her to look in the mirror and tell me what she
thought. “Ohhhh! I look like an angel!” I just smiled and thought
about the time she told me, "Mom, I'm just a girl, just a beautiful
girl." Lots of healthy self esteem coming out of this girl.

This morning I was feeding Miley in my room while the kids were eating
breakfast. When I was done I found Ryder standing in the middle of the
contents that were formerly in his cereal bowl. Or in his words he
splashing in a "mud puddle." Apparently I had wronged him in some
way because he also pooped his pants, juicy poop. Awesome. After
cleaning up the milk and cereal and Ryder's bum, I got the great honor
of rinsing out his underwear in the toilet. Totally Awesome. I decided
to flush to help get some of the poo off his undies and that is when I
accidentally flushed his undies down the toilet. Most Awesome.

I am happy to report it all worked out in the end. My toilet didn’t
clog. The poopy undies magically disappeared. And Ryder got to play
outside for a long, long time. :)

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