Thursday, May 5, 2011

Every Tool is a Weapon if you Hold it Right (Ani DiFranco)

I pulled Ryder out of the tub and I was sitting on the floor Indian style drying him off when all of sudden he peed. He peed directly on the crotch of my pants. So yes, I had a urine spot on the crotch of my jeans at the exact moment someone knocked on my door, but I swear it wasn't mine.

 But seriously who could be mad at this happy little guy? Not me.


  1. I was at a funeral when Calvin had to use the potty. I wasn't looking to make sure he was pointed down and realized too late that he was peeing all over my dress, legs, and into my shoe!! The entire side of my body was pee-soaked. I had nothing to change into, so just let it dry... Gotta love those rogue urine streams!!

  2. your kids are so cute! i wish i still lived there so i could come and visit. i haven't been peed on for about 5 months now, i am just waiting for the moment :) ... and by the way, i read your blog so you can now say all 4 that read your blog :)... unless of course i was one of the 3:) your blog is one of my favorite ones to read! hope your doing well! i'll call you to catch up instead of catching up in this comment i am making :)

  3. that is great! i love your blog posts!