Friday, November 11, 2011

My Little Ryder-man

Ryder is two and he isn't terrible.
Sure he is more prone to tantrums, but all in all he's been great--especially when compared to his sister when she was two or maybe that's why he seems so great.

He eats all day. I think that's because he's a boy.
He "gives" me all of his boogers. I think that's because he's a boy.
He thinks toots are ridiculously funny. I think that's because he's a boy.

He is really starting to communicate with us. I love hearing how kids try and figure out how to express themselves.
He says things like "open the door" when he wants help with a lid.
If he wants candy he says "trick or treat" (although he says with a German accent).
He asks to "hold you" when he wants to be held.
He has gummy vitamins (were are a genius invention) and he asks for his yummy bears.

I love that he hugs me and makes a little mmmmm sound while doing so.
I love that he reminds me so much of Jon.
I love that he can rock a mustache.

Love you Ryder-man.

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  1. I like the new blog layout. Alaina also says "hold you" when she wants held and I just love it. I don't ever want her to learn how to say it the "right" way. Oh, and my girls aren't too different than he is in some of those other ways you mentioned ;)