Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tootsie Roll Patrol

Ryder is still not pooping in the potty. I keep hoping one day I'm going to send an email announcing that he is, but he feels like his pants are as good a place as any. I have informed Ryder that he can not under any circumstance poop in his swim trunks. Water, mesh undies, its just too big of a mess and so far he has complied with that rule. 

The other day Lola and Ryder went to the neighbors house in their swim trunks to pick up a friend that was coming over. Ryder informed me when they came back to the yard that he had pooped on a stone. I was thrilled that he didn't do it in his swim trunks, but also very concerned that he probably just pooped in one of our neighbors' yards. I asked him to show me what stone he pooped on. He pooped at the neighbor/friends front yard stone. I had to have one of those awkward/embarrassing "sorry my kid pooped in your yard" conversations. Luckily they have dogs so it was not as big of a deal :)

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