Monday, September 15, 2014

I'm a Survivor

We survived another week. Barely. Actually everyone thrived, except Blake who found out why we have the rule of not putting things around our neck. The details are a bit murky since it happened after bed time and the only witnesses were kids. Lola claimed she didn't see Blake jumping and his neck got stuck on a cord she was holding... He is fine but does have a rope burn on his neck, which got him a lot of ninja turtle bandaids and a free pass to sleep in my bed, cuddling his Mama and using his Dad as his personal foot rest.  

Jon left today for another trip so we had FHE tonight. He had a lesson prepared, but we had some slight reverence issues so instead of his planned lesson he talked about why we have FHE. He asked Lola why he thinks we have FHE and while she answered Blake was continuing to be disruptive and generally not listening. Jon asked Blake what Lola just said. To which, he answered, "Boobie!" We committed the parental sin of laughing and suffered random Boobie answers for the rest of the evening.

Later the kids were playing a game on the tramp called Shark. Lola and Ryder had learned this game at a Sports Camp. Its basically tag. The taught it to Blake and of course had him be the shark or it. The game started and Lola started crying because Blake BIT HER. I asked Blake why he bite Lola, he looked me in the eye and calmly told me, "I was the shark."

The kids played outside for a good long while, which is great. I usually just keep the screen door closed so I can hear them. I try to let them work out their problems and I love listening to them play and laugh together. I only come out to intervene when there is wailing. For instance Lola did get injured for a second time this evening. She laid down on the tramp and asked Blake (the kid who just bit her) to try and jump over her. Lets just say his jump wasn't a success. 

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