Monday, October 4, 2010

Homemade Christmas, The Play Kitchen

For Christmas I decided that I wanted to do it homemade. I want to give my kids not just a gift but something me and my hubby loving worked on. And I'm happy to say my first project is complete! I made a play kitchen for Lola out of a $5 yard sale TV stand.

This is the before picture, or at least this is when I remembered to take a picture minus the doors and a few new holes cut in the top.

Here is the after. I'm overly proud of it. My hubby did most (by most I mean all) of the hard parts.

Here is the inside shot of the oven, the fridge looks the same but is white.

And thanks to the blog that posted the how-to! Here's the link if anyone is interested

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  1. That is so, sooooo, beyond cool! I love the whole concept of making it yourself. It is so much cooler that way! I love it! Can you tell?