Tuesday, October 19, 2010

An Unfortunate Incident with Spray Paint

Last night I was spraying pumpkins with spray paint. They turned out pretty cool even though the spray paint was an accidental idea. I desperately want to carve pumpkins (its just so festive!), but last year in my over eagerness we carved early and they rotted (serious rot) and we had to throw them away before Halloween (which is definitely not festive). I was planning on spray painting them and then carving them the Monday before Halloween, but it looked like poo so the whole thing got sprayed. I love how the gold turned out and the black is super creepy and masculine.

The unfortunate incident was me holding the paper template and spraying black spray paint directly on my hand from 5 inches away. Just so you know its a bugger to get off. I'm still trying to get it off...

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