Friday, January 7, 2011

Less than 2 months to go!

I basically have been pregnant or nursing for the last 4 years. We started buying diapers in 2007 and the very soonest we will be done is 2013. I really love being a Mom (even though I'm pretty sure I'm D-O-N-E having babies)I don't necessarily love being pregnant.

I've had lots of women tell me they love being pregnant. I think time has made their brain foggy. Parts are nice--feeling the baby move, but then they start kicking you right in the ribs--HARD. I even like the baby bump, but not the end where I sort of resemble a beached whale and my pants and my shirts start having to make real effort to meet.

I also don't like sympathetic strangers who while shopping during the holiday season ask if I'm having a Christmas baby and I get to tell them I still have 2 more months left...

And accidentally peeing a little bit when I double sneezed. Oh yeah and that part where I have to push him out.

But I do look forward to holding this baby in my arms and cuddling and kissing him. I love how excited Jon is. I'm excited for him to meet his sweet brother and sister. The end is worth the journey.

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  1. holy smokes! it seems like just yesterday you were having Ryder! Time just goes too fast sometimes. Happy birthing :)