Saturday, January 15, 2011

Row 2 Seats 13 and 14

We love going to Jazz games,
but we can't really afford to go to Jazz games...
but a perk of Jon's job is we keep getting free fifty free tickets.
Our latest (and greatest ever!) tickets were these.
Yep, $579 dollars for these tickets
I'm not going to lie we considered hawking these
but went anyway and it was SO FUN!
Best free date ever (minus the $8 bucks for soda, seriously $8 bucks for 2 sodas!)

Here is what I learned in the expensive seats.
Cavaliers seriously are the worst team in the NBA.
The expensive seats smells much better than the upper bowl
(not that the upper bowl stinks,
but down at the expensive seats it smelled like expensive cologne).
Basketball players are BIG dudes,
I mean really big, like they could crush-me-with-one-hand-big.
And lastly Jerry Sloan (Head coach of the Jazz)
looks like my father-in-law.

Seriously don't they look like brothers, cousins, something?


  1. I agree. They could be related. Glad you enjoyed the game.

  2. more like twins :)

    I love reading your blog.. i've all the ones I read, yours is my favorite!

    your kids are so adorable and you are such a good example of how to be a fun mom that sees humor in all things :)